Hosting is the basis of any project on the Internet. It is all about its stability and speed, and more reliable the hosting, more clients will be happy with it and no one will look for the alternative.

For a high ranking of the site, the response time and the content structure of the page are critically important.

These two aspects collectively allow the site to occupy higher positions in search and save budget for its promotion.

Also, according to market research, every extra second during page loading reduces site conversions by 7%. Additionally, 76% of the surveyed users claim that they will not return to the site, that took more than 4 seconds to load. In addition to a lack of profit, such problems cause reputational issues  and your clients are forced to wonder why your competitor’s site works faster. In such case your client’s trust to you will be reduced.

In this regard, we decided to open a new direction of service. Our goal is to optimize the processes  your site from a technical point of view. We understand what are the technical requirements search engines bring to the sites, we have a lot of experience in realizing similar tasks, and we are ready to undertake a technical monitoring of your project with an operational response to various abnormal situations.

Separately, it should be noted that the service is not a search promotion as such, but because these metrics are one of the factors of ranking, satisfying these requirements will bring the site to the top with less effort and save budget.


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  • We are engaged web development since 2004
  • Experience in promoting websites, a deep understanding of the technical part and administration of servers
  • We are interested in the success of our clients
  • Transferring projects for free *
  • We are aimed at long-term cooperation and happy clients

* Subject to payment of services from half a year in advance.

The cost of services starts at $ 30 / month and depends on the size of the project and the technology used.

Examples of our projects after optimization:

Remember, high speed of a site – a satisfied client, high positions.